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Readers Choice July, the Nail art

New blogpost: Readers Choice July, the #Nailart

A week later than was my intention, sorry for that. My schedule got messed up. ;-) You gave me quit a challenge this time. Oh and what a great ideas you mentioned again.


But as always there only can be one winner. The winning idea for this month … a Japanese style nailart.

Een week later dan eigenlijk de bedoeling is, is dan hier de Readers Choice nail art. (Mijn planning liep even in de soep.)…

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Sinfull Colors Cinderella

Lately ‘run’ I do not so often to Kruidvat (our local drugstore) for a new lacquer. Would I become saturated? Or is it because lately the new LE’s not as special as let’s say a year ago? When I was unstoppable. But when the morning my phone gave my that ‘ping’ sound and wants to notice me that an email from the Kruidvat waiting for me. Yeah it your way, phone. And what turned off Sinful Colors…

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Matte blue and neon studs

Matte blue and neon studs #nailart

Happy Saturday! Yeah weekend! Let’s party with some great neon studs a sarran wrapped manicure and a matte polish.

Fijne zaterdag! Jeee weekend. Laten we het vieren met neon studs een beetje creabea met een boterhamzakje en matte nagellak.

For this nail art I used / Voor deze nail art gebruikte ik:

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So Me matte and gloss nail polish

So Me matte and gloss nail polish

Each time I am visiting the Action I take a look at the Make-up section to see what’s new there. A while a go I spotted some sets with a matte and glossy nail polish. Of course I took one with me to try it out.

Telkens als ik naar de Action ga loop ik ook even langs de Cosmetica afdeling om te zien of er weer wat nieuws is binnen gekomen. Een paar weken geleden viel mijn oog op So Me matte and…

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How-To Oriental TwinPost

While I appreciate a Chinese takeaway or with friends delicious Chinese food. I have nothing further Oriental at home. Here, no buddhas or Oriental paintings in the house. But oh how I love to look at the Chinese to all those paintings. They are still so beautiful.

Hoewel ik graag eens een Chinees ophaal of met bij vrienden heerlijk Chinees eet. Heb ik verder niets Oosters in huis. Hier geen…

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